About us

We are a small company and kennel that is run by us, Susanne and Tommy, with the help of our loved huskies. We offer familiar and personal dogsled tours in the beautiful winter landscape that is the wonderful nature of the North of Sweden. The sleddog tours starts directly from our home and goes out into the gorgeous nature with our happy Alaskan Huskies. As locals (born and raised) we have good knowledge of the city and
surroundings, as well as nature and its wildlife.

The company name “Laxforsen” is the name of the village we live in, located about 15 km outside Kiruna and 5 km from Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi. It means Salmon River in English.

  • Låt: Kiruna.
  • Text och musik: Brian Marston.
  • Artist: Shanes